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Compact Plus Series HMI Touch Panel: Although it is AISs most affordable intelligent HMI for IIoT, M2M and M2H applications, HMI functionality is common across the entire range of Smart PC-based Industrial Panel Computers (IPC).
Over the next few years, afw must contend with the prospect of asking a decreasing number of its technicians to support decision makers who prefer that their detailed weather information come from M2M or M2H interfaces.
To address this multifaceted and complex challenge, AFW must automate the forecast-tailoring process to meet the increasing demand for M2M and M2H access, change from a product-centric to an information-centric process, and reduce inconsistencies in the weather databases available to decision makers.
The automation of forecast tailoring will permit decision makers to access M2H web sites or program their decision-support-system applications to access M2M-enabled weather databases directly.
Finally, in the few cases that justify using H2H, weather personnel can employ the developed M2H methodologies to develop their responses to H2H requests.
Decision makers who prefer M2H and M2M must accept the responsibility of maintaining access to weather information and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the content.
AFW must implement standard M2H and M2M interfaces as soon as possible and make them available to developers of decision support systems.
We must carefully manage three transitions to reach the proposed end state: changing decision makers' interfaces from H2H to M2H or M2M by using automated forecast-tailoring applications, changing weather technicians' practice of creating mission-tailored products to adjusting weather information in the weather database, and changing the DOD meteorology community from decentralized to centralized control of distribution.
First, AFW must establish a candidate M2H or M2M interface.
Lock on Wood, followed up its third overall in the M2H race with a win in PHS Division 2, from fellow Tasmanian boats Pisces (David Taylor) and Trouble (D Williams).
com, 5863 Leslie Street, Suite 713, Toronto, Ontario M2H 1J8, T: (905) 709-1301, F: (905) 881-7558, Email: info@lagrassachinloy.
com, 5863 Leslie Street, Suite 713, Toronto, Ontario, M2H 1J8, T: (905) 709-1301, F: (905) 881-7558, Email: info@lagrassachinloy.