M2HMachine-to-Human (communication)
M2HMarketing to Hispanics
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Over the next few years, afw must contend with the prospect of asking a decreasing number of its technicians to support decision makers who prefer that their detailed weather information come from M2M or M2H interfaces.
JR Smart acquired the building just 18 months ago and recently secured planning permission from Cardiff Council via its architects, M2H, to convert the building into 198 student apartments, together with three ground floor retail units.
Like the M2H fleet, the L2H fleet had light winds along the Tasmanian north-east coast, then a fast spinnaker run down the east coast, with prominent Hobart yachtsman Jeff Cordell, sailing his Mumm 36 Host Plus Executive out in front for almost the entire 280 nautical miles.
Around 1,000 Nm3 of hydrogen (H2) per hour is being produced by the Unitel M2H production system.
On corrected time, PHS Division 1 went to the Victorian boat Varta Spirit of Down Under (Laurie Ford) and M2H winner Archie, skippered in the King of Derwent by Simon Brain, third place going to Jeff Cordell's Host Plus Executive, winner of the L2L race.
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AISs open platform also ensures network security and enables users to leverage new TCP/IP-based Networking, HMTL 5, Web Browsers, Web-enabled HMI/SCADA, Industrial Automation, Field Mobility, M2M, M2H, Industry 4.
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