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M2MMachine-to-Machine (communication, mainly mobile)
M2MMobile to Mobile (cellular phone)
M2MMonth to Month
M2MMinutes to Midnight (Linkin Park album)
M2MMen to Men
M2MMetal to Metal (semiconductor antifuse structure)
M2MMorning to Midnight (New York grocery store)
M2MMarketplace to Marketplace
M2MMay 2nd Movement (anti-vietnam student movement)
M2MMark2Market (energy trading term)
M2MMilitary to Military (Program)
M2MMarit to Marion (musical group)
M2MMailbox-To-Mailbox (Sprint)
M2MManufacturer to Manufacturer (e-commerce exchange)
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According to the report, growing adoption of connected devices, tablets, wearable devices, and smartphones among consumers as well as enterprises will favor the growth of the market as these devices require an M2M platform for connecting and transferring data and information in real time.
Jurgen Hase, head of Deutsche Telekom s M2M Competence Centre said, For Deutsche Telekom the creativeness emerging from a rapidly growing M2M developer community is an important building block in the development of the Internet of Things.
The KORE Systems M2M SDP automates all major M2M business processes, reducing the overall cost of delivering and supporting M2M services.
BGAN M2M is a new service that is made-to-measure for the M2M market.
M2M, acting as middleman, provides this service so that hundreds of automotive M2M customers don't have to struggle with this same problem individually.
There is a continuous decline in the price of cellular M2M radio modules over the years leading to a significant decline in M2M applications in the M2M industry.
Since December 2012, M2M DevFree access has provided a taster of what lies ahead.
A typical M2M solution will include the Nokia M2M Platform, HP OpenView product suite components on an HP-UX or HP ProLiant server backbone.
VP and member of the board at Comarch, Piotr Piatosa, added : "Comarch has been offering the M2M Platform for over two years now, and we have always been confident that the product is perfectly designed to fit the requirements of operators specializing in M2M.
However, the horizontal evolution of M2M will require full end-to-end security.
com/research/x9pgdp/endtoend_m2m) has announced the addition of the "End-to-End M2M, 7th Edition" report to their offering.