M577Tracked Vehicle SICPS Shelter
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The HP LaserJet Enterprise M506 series will be generally available on October 1st and the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M527 and HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M577 series printers will be generally available on November 1st.
The DoD offers the option of an exchange agreement with existing vehicles of the Bradley, M113, M1064, M1068, and/or M577 vehicles types.
It is a tragedy that our mechanized TOCs are still based on archaic M577s and modular tents.
It is a tragedy that our mechanized tactical operations centers are still based on archaic M577s and modular tents.
The prototype features a Protector remote-control weapon turret for self-protection and what looks like a satcom-on-the-move antenna at the rear, while an auxiliary generator is installed on the right side of the driver, as in the M577.
Drivers and radio operators from the TOC M577s soon joined the riflemen in assaulting and clearing the trench lines.
The M577 driver was recommended fur the Bronze Star (Valor), for his heroism when he engaged enemy with the .
The M95/96 mortar fire control system (heavy) links the M577 fire direction center (FDC) vehicle with up to 18 M1064 120 mm mortar carriers, without soldiers having to dismount.
The MFCS uses the same computers, displays and software in the tracked M577 fire direction centre, the M1064 mortar carrier and the Stryker MCV-B.
This depicts a same environment that future company commanders will face while fighting our future battles inside of their tank, Bradley fighting vehicle or M577.
When the FCS medical variant is fielded, in about 12 to 15 years, it will replace the M577 A2 battalion aid station and the M113 A283 armored vehicle as the ground evacuation platform, said Wildzunas.