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MAADMicro Analysis & Design (human factors engineering)
MAADMarket of Artists and Designers (Singapore)
MAADMidwest Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc.
MAADMacro-Atomistic Ab-Initio Dynamics
MAADManagement Aid to Active Directory (software)
MAADMultiple Applications and Admissions Database (Wisconsin)
MAADMid-Atlantic Armor Division (tank club)
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MAAD has also created a free code-reader app which can be downloaded from Apple's Appstore and its own site.
Knowing that this audience is very receptive to digital media rather than traditional, MAAD helped us design a campaign that involved online ads and suggested using the QR codes.
MAAD managing director Colin Kelly said: "This augmented reality system has limitless application.
MAAD has devoted many hours to combining existing augmented technology, which to be used alone requires the installation of high-end technology, with Papervision, which allows 3D on Flash.
MAAD produced a series of designs using different mediums to raise public awareness of the campaign.
MAAD managing director Colin Kelly, who started the business with his father Kevin when he left university 11 years ago, said: "Surrey Police were great clients to work for.
And MAAD is already in advanced discussions with international cosmetic giants over the system which allows women to experiment with various make-up products at home over a DVD player.
Set up by Colin and his father Kevin in 1997, MAAD was launched at IT Works 1998.
He released two albums with WC And The MAAD Circle, 1991's Ain't A Damn Thang Changed, and 1995's Curb Servin', that featured the Westside Connection's first release, "West Up.
The ADA was formed in 1993 by combining the Airdane and MAAD purchasing organizations in partnership with BOC Gases.