MAADDMinisterial Alliance Against the Digital Divide (Chicago)
MAADDMeasurement and Analysis Definition Document
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While there are many technological advances on the horizon in the areas of healthcare, education, public safety and economic development, there is a core need to develop the foundation that will become the platform for this technology to flourish," said Melia Carter, Executive Director of MAADD and co-author of the policy paper.
When we were initially presented with very misleading and racially- charged cable industry rhetoric alleging telecommunications companies planned to "redline" when deploying their competitive alternative to cable television, MAADD spoke out against video franchise reform," said Reverend Demus.
MAADD supports video franchise reform for the many benefits it will deliver to all Michigan consumers -- especially more choices among video providers, better service quality and, most importantly, lower prices.
MAADD believes that bridging the Digital Divide is more than just providing people with access to computers; we believe that access to new technology is also a key to promoting economic development and social welfare in lower income and minority communities across the country.
The misinformation presented by the NCTA was initially quite compelling and created great turmoil among our membership at MAADD.
MAADD is an 8,000 plus member, next generation civil rights organization that is focused on bridging the gap between those who have access to new technologies and those who do not.
What MAADD discovered was that the public is just simply fed up with "cable rates gone wild.
MAADD is distressed by the possibility that local phone rates could skyrocket if the ICC chooses to approve a rate increase.
MAADD is devoted to the cause of bridging the Digital Divide and creating a technological environment in which everyone can participate.
CONTACT: Melody McDowell for MAADD, office, +1-773-660-2001, cell, +1-312-371-8917
MAADD knows that higher wholesale prices always result in higher retail prices and believes such an increase would have a devastating effect on local residential phone bills.