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MAAMMid-Atlantic Association of Museums
MAAMMuseo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña (Argentina)
MAAMMalaysian Association of Asset Managers
MAAMMid-Atlantic Aviation Museum
MAAMMissouri Association for Advancing Manufacturing
MAAMMississippi Academy of Ancient Music
MAAMMunich Archive Astromaps
MAAMMoms Against Annoying Mothering
MAAMModular Authentication and Authorization Middleware
MAAMMember of American Association of Museums
MAAMMarine Acoustic Analysis Memorandum
MAAMMedium Anti-Aircraft Missile
MAAMMultiperiod Asset Allocation Model
MAAMMetalheads Against Alternative Music
MAAMMetric Advancement Association of Madison
MAAMMember of the American Academy of Microbiology
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All these MMA-MAAM and MMA-MAA copolymers showed one single glass transition which indicates that the incorporation of MAAM or MAA monomer into the PMMA main chain can be considered as statistical.
palindrome (1221) tautonym (2121) ANNA NANA BAAB (surname) ABAB (ch) COOC (ch) OCOC (hill - Mexico) DAAD (edd) ADAD ESSE SESE FAAF (wadi - Somalia) AFAF (Ethiopia) GAAG (chilblain - AGAG (mamsp) Manx) HUUH (p2) UH-UH ISSI (stream - Benin) SISI JAAJ (dje) AJAJ, Qal' at al (ruin - Bahrain) KAAK AKAK (Gabon) LAAL (edd) ALAL (ch) MAAM AMAM(locality-Ethiopia) NEEN ENEN ONNO (Italy) NONO PAAP (edd) APAP, Sungai (stream - Malaysia) QAAQ (Arabic: crow) AQAQ (well - UAE) REER ERER SAAS (eh) ASAS(stream- Eq.
For the third quarter of 2008, MAAM had negative revenues of $(48.
For the second quarter of 2008, MAAM generated revenues of $225.