MAAPMinistère de l'Alimentation, de l'Agriculture, et de la Pêche (French: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries)
MAAPMaritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (Bataan, Philippines)
MAAPMaster Air Attack Plan
MAAPMovement Activist Apprenticeship Program
MAAPMinnesota Association of Alternative Programs
MAAPMore advanced individuals with Autism, Asperger syndrome, and Pervasive developmental disorder (Crown Point, Indiana)
MAAPMilan Army Ammunition Plant
MAAPMultiple Arbitrary Amplicon Profiling
MAAPMicrocomputer Accident Analysis Package
MAAPMission Assurance Analysis Protocol
MAAPModular Accident Analysis Program (Fauske and Associates, Inc.)
MAAPMexican American Alcoholism Program, Inc (Sacramento, CA)
MAAPMobile Affiliate Advertising Program (Artisan Live)
MAAPMaintenance And Administration Panel
MAAPMultiple Artist Ambient Project (interactive musical ensemble)
MAAPMini Architectural Adapter Plate (Extron)
MAAPMedical Architecture and Art Projects (London, England, UK)
MAAPMaterial Access Authorization Program
MAAPMaximum Allowable Accumulated Pressure
MAAPMember American Academy of Periodontology
MAAPManagement of Audit and Accountancy Practice
MAAPMaa AIDS Awareness Programme (Kenya)
MAAPMinimum Allowable Advertised Price
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Akira Ouchi extended his felicitations on the formal launching of the MAAP, Sindh Chapter, and expressed his compliments to every one of the members who have contributed to the establishment of the organization.
While many practitioners say that the MAAP program does not exist anymore, the program is still on the books and Appeals may consider using it to obtain a more expeditious resolution.
MAAP can work as envisioned only if the IRS has resources to devote to increase staffing activity, which it does not.
For instance, Berman is familiar with an IDCOR code, called MAAP, which deals with steam explosions; "that model assumes that large steam explosions never occur,' he says.
The study areas are the following (non-exhaustive list): - support studies for the development of EPS (probabilistic safety assessment) Level 2 - support the definition of operating strategies severe accident situation - support the analysis of phenomena that may occur in situations of AG, - support the design of hardware changes to the management of severe accident situations - parametric studies or sensitivity to various parameters to assess the impact on the modeled transient - prospective studies to clarify or direct methodological developments to come, - creation or updating of data sets (reactor vessel) for the MAAP code (reference code to EDF for study of severe accidents).
VISION: Artist''s impression of planned Mersey Care hospital on Edge Lane FUTURE: Artist''s impression of planned Mersey Care Walton Hospital Pictures: MAAP Medical Architecture and Camlin Lonsdale.
Paul Yeomans, from Newcastle-based architects MAAP, who designed the building, said: "It gives us tremendous satisfaction seeing the benefits of such a building.
Changing conditions in the battlespace will drive changes to the targeting effects team and the MAAP.
The study day will include presentations by David Colin-Thom, the Department of Health's national clinical director for primary care' Chris Shore of MAAP architects talking about his experiences designing Small Health Healthcare Centre' Glenn Howells, chairman of MADE, the regional centre for architecture and the designed environment in the West Midlands' and Mairi Johnson, head of enabling buildings team at CABE.
Appeals designed the MAAP initiative to reduce the time it takes to resolve Coordinated Examination Program cases.
We are thrilled to be working with MetLife Advisers, LLC on its successful MAAP Portfolios and look forward to aiding MetLife Advisers and clients by contributing Wilshire's strengths in asset allocation, manager research, and risk-controlled portfolio construction.
th], 2014, AMMG announced the initiation of the MAAP, and that a cash dividend was currently under review by company management.