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MAAWGMessaging Anti-Abuse Working Group
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Michael O'Reirdan, MAAWG Chairman and Distinguished Engineer at Comcast said, "This dialogue with China is a most welcomed breakthrough - a real step forward.
He is secretary of the MAAWG Public Policy Committee and involved in several of the association's other projects, and is active in other industry organizations including the London Action Plan (LAP) and the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).
The MAAWG video demystifies Version 6 for senders who need to understand how the impending industry switch from IPv4 will impact their mailings.
Kucherawy presents two online tutorial segments on DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and will lead a live training course on DKIM at the MAAWG 19th General Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on June 7, 2010.
MAAWG continues to grow in membership and breadth adding a third track of sessions on Tuesday to accommodate the demand to address evolving cybersecurity issues, according to MAAWG Chairman Michael O'Reirdan.
The MAAWG Best Common Practices for Mitigating Abuse of Web Messaging Systems provides recommendations that network and site engineers can use to identify abusive messaging and block spammers.
MAAWG is an organization where network operators and vendors join forces to promote the use of permission-based email messaging.
The social media site will play an active role in MAAWG work, interfacing with other members to develop industry practices to safeguard end-users.
We look forward to working with ESPC and MAAWG to continue to improve the trust, performance and reliability of email-based campaigns.
Recognizing the expertise that gathers at our members-only MAAWG meetings, we wanted to step up to the plate and make this knowledge more accessible to the global industry.
The GSM Association Security Group (GSMA-SG) will participate on various MAAWG panels and will hold its own closed sessions.
The complete 61-page report, "A Look at Consumers' Awareness of Email Security and Practices" is available on the MAAWG Web site.