MAAWSMoney As A Weapon System
MAAWSMulti-role Antiarmour Antipersonnel Weapon System
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The current MAAWS system weighs approximately 22 pounds with each round of ammunition weighing less than 10 pounds.
The user sets the firing distance on the MAAWS by simply rotating a labeled meter at the top of the round.
100) The MAAWS includes CERP SOP for proposing projects, awarding contracts, and managing CERP-related activities.
Fiscal Law: Some portions of the MAAWS directly correspond to the fiscal law principles of purpose, time and amount (PTA).
103) The MAAWS generally describes how a commander must identify a need, specify the requirement, procure the good or service, and manage the acquisition process.
Financial Management: This is the portion of the MAAWS that details how a commander obtains funding, pays for his project, accounts for those funds and closes out a completed CERP project.
This article is not meant to supersede its directions but rather to provide insight into the practical application of strategic CHRP spending with a MAAWS state of mind.
The most common misperception about MAAWS and CHRP in general is the notion that money spent means forward progress.
Afghanistan was the primary example in this article, but the principles of MAAWS can be applied in almost any area.
16) The latest version of the MAAWS published during the tour of the XVIII Airborne Corps as MNC-I was dated 26 January 2009.
25) In addition, the MAAWS contains the requirement that every CERP packet must have a legal review from an attorney working for the DoD as either a uniformed service member or civilian.
56) See MAAWS MNC-I CJ8 SOP, supra note 16, at B-2-1.