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MABMonoclonal Antibody
MABMovimento dos Atingidos por Barragens (Portuguese: Movement of People Affected by Dams; Brazil)
MABMichael Angelo Batio (musician)
MABMan and the Biosphere Programme
MABMiddle-Atlantic Bight
MABMuslim Association of Britain
MABMichigan Association of Broadcasters
MABMalaysian Association for the Blind
MABMonitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity (Smithsonian Institution)
MABMagyar Akkreditációs Bizottság (Hungarian: Hungarian Accreditation Committee)
MABMozilla Amazon Browser
MABMaster of Agribusiness
MABMontreal Association for the Blind
MABMarine Amphibious Brigade
MABMaine Association of Broadcasters
MABMark After Break (DMX 512 protocol term)
MABMeters Above Bottom (oceanography)
MABMarine Advisory Board
MABMissile Assembly Building
MABMaster Address Book (Lotus Notes / Domino)
MABMAC Authentication Bypass (Cisco 802.1x alternative)
MABMitchells and Butlers PLC (stock symbol)
MABMobile Application Builder
MABMagazine Advertising Bureau
MABManaging Assaultive Behavior (nursing certification)
MABMaterial Advisory Board (National Research Council, Washington, DC)
MABMagyar Felsõoktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság (Hungarian Higher Education Accreditation Committee)
MABMaximum Allowable Burp
MABMagazine Area B
MABMobile Floating Assault Bridge-Ferry
MABMaximum Assignable Bandwidth
MABMeubel- en Autobekledingsbedrijf
MABMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (Maryland)
MABMaximum Allowable Biomass (fish farming)
MABMinimum Autonomous Block
MABMajor Activity Budget
MABMEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) Amphibious Baseline (Navy/Marine Corps)
MABMusée Automobile de Bellenaves (French: Bellenaves Automobile Museum; Bellenaves, France)
MABMulticast Address Broker
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The Letter of Intent with MAB is non-binding and MAB's involvement with the Company is subject to a definitive agreement.
Keeping this principle in mind, MAB has made it a priority to get itself in line with the best quality standards available in the market.
We conclude that information about the precise epitope specificity of the 8I-7 MAb, as well as information about its cross-reactivity with skTnI, could be important for both scientists and in vitro diagnostics companies developing and producing cTnI immunoassays.
After broadcasting the documentary in Germany, we will give a copy to each of Harman and Munchen Veterinary Academy, to use it in their efforts with the government on the one side and the international NGOs, especially UNESCO on the other towards the same goal of implementing the MAB system in Barzan, which I think has all the prerequisites for MAB implementation.
To assay the antigen recognized by MAB 1H12 for sialic acid residues in particular, brain homogenates were incubated for 18 h at 37[degrees]C with neuraminidase type V from Clostridium perfringens (Sigma) at a ratio of 5 [micro]g of protein to 1 mU of enzyme in 0.
By comparison, tenanted pub companies' costs are generally borne by the tenant - so we would suggest switching from MAB to Enterprise Inns.
As meningococci evolve, the use of nucleotide sequencing to determine the VR peptide sequences will be increasingly important for epidemiologic studies and vaccine design, especially as the MAb panel gradually becomes less useful and sequencing technology becomes more available.
The directive follows recent security breaches at the airport, including a human trafficking syndicate involving MAS and MAB staff, reported New Straits Times-Management Times.
Under the terms of a 1999 agreement, which was amended in 2001, Human Genome Sciences will pay clinical development milestone payments and royalties to Abgenix if the CCR5 mAb is successfully developed and commercialized.
Existing shareholders will get 50 IHG shares and 50 MAB shares for every 59 Six Continents shares they hold.
The company has four technologies: engineered mAbs, mAb-drug conjugates, single-chain immunotoxins and antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT).
13] In an entertainment performed at Woodstock in 1575, the "Queen of the Fayry" brought a gift to Elizabeth "which was a goune for her Majestie of greate price, whereon the imbroderer had bestowed the summe of his conning"; in 1578, the entertainments for Elizabeth at Hengrave Hall included "a shew representing the Phayries" in which "a rich jewell was presented to the Queenes Highnesse"; fourteen years later, Elizabeth was greeted at Quarrendon by a "Damsell of the Queene of Fayries" bearing a "Cupido in gould and stone"; after Elizabeth's death, when the new royal family entered England they were entertained by a masque at Althorp in which Mab, Queen of the Fairies, presented a jewel to Queen Anne.