MABASAMexican American Bar Association of San Antonio (Texas)
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There is not a doubt in the world that Linda Sokhulu is an exceptional actress but the award for the star of the film should go to the young Hlayani Junior Mabasa.
Mabasa, speaking at an emotionally charged Pretoria memorial service after the murder of internationally renowned South African dermatologist, Dr John 'Oupa' Moche earlier this year, said the ongoing tide of killings had to be stopped, adding, 'We cannot allow this killing with impunity to continue.
Mabasa has created many images of young females, perhaps more than any other artist, both in clay and in wood.
Quicker than you can say "Your boys are taking a helluva beating Maggie Thatcher" Mabasa was in Norway at great expense.
Eggen now believes that either someone was pretending to be Baron, or Baron has been duped himself, because despite an impressive looking CV, detailing experience with the national squad, Mabasa turned out to be a dud.
Soon three more couples from the Philippines, Bert and Ely Barte, Butching and Came Locsin, and Clem and Anning Mabasa were added to their numbers.
William Mabasa, South African wildlife spokesman is thrilled, "absolutely delighted".
South Africa's transport ministry spokesman Mike Mabasa said they were facing up to five major crashes in two weeks.
One Hope for Life patient, Dolly Mabasa said: "This is very shocking because we came here to get away from the bad treatment we received at the clinics, and now we are told to go back.
William Mabasa, spokesman for the Kruger National Park, said: "Tourists should not do anything that will help the poachers.
The Minister will be accompanied by the MEC for Health and Social Development in Limpopo, Dr Norman Mabasa.