MABRMembrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (wastewater treatment)
MABRMid America Basset Rescue (now BassetsRus Retirement Ranch, Inc.; Oskaloosa, KS)
MABRMontes Azules Biosphere Reserve (Durham, NC)
MABRManchester and Birmingham Railway
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The demonstration of GE s new ZeeLung MABR may be an innovative way to meet the future regulation for phosphorous removal within the existing footprint while also decreasing the energy demand of the plant.
The future of wastewater treatment is energy neutrality, and ZeeLung MABR will help local governments save energy while improving nutrient removal within the existing plant footprint.
To increase awareness of regional environmental attributes, MABF personnel approached local elected bodies and environmental groups and proposed the building of a world-class nature interpretative centre in the MABR.
An innovative gas transfer membrane has been developed for use in a MABR that is at the core of an energy-neutral flow sheet for municipal wastewater treatment.