MACBAMuseu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art)
MACBAMid-Atlantic Conservative Baptist Association
MACBAMississippi Association of County Board Attorneys
MACBAMid-Atlantic Cavy Breeders Association (guinea pigs)
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We'd all still be carving the snake run or whatever and, seeing as how there are no snake runs or backyard pools in Barcelona, it would still be open for all the well-behaved German and French skaters who never went to MACBA on Tuesdays or Thursdays and never did anything any more destructive than rap some Wu-Tang lyrics quietly under their breath while walking their boards politely down Las Ramblas.
Their socially oriented practices clearly dovetail with the interests of Documenta 10 director Catherine David, who is the "conceptual curator" of this show organized by MACBA curator Roland Groenenboom.
The program at MACBA since the turn of the millennium represents a radical alternative to both the modern and the postmodern museum, but many other types of initiatives are worth mentioning.
Torres has also made four new works for this exhibition at MACBA, of which the most notable is Tan limpia como el alma (As Clean as the Soul), 2008, a documentary on the sanitation workers at the offices of the Spanish Congress in Madrid.
At MACBA, the image from Life hung around the corner from an English documentary titled New Look Underwear, 1948, which demonstrated (if only to pillory) the corset cinching and hip padding necessary to achieve that trademark wasp waist.
Organized in conjunction with MACBA in Barcelona (its director, Manuel Borja-Villel, is the show's curator), "No me digas nada" (Don't Tell Me Anything), the enormous exhibition at the Reina Sofia, not only failed to clear up the ambiguities in Pazos's life and work, it actually heightened them: Three hundred works on display revealed the artist's desire above all to be in constant motion and to vary from the norm.
One afternoon at the MACBA ledges, Ed slipped out on a nollie noseslide and took it directly to the tailbone--no hands down, no feet, just straight to the ass.
Their drawn indictment still hits home: At MACBA I overheard a visitor burst into an involuntary, infantile laugh at one image (Bomb Shitting, 1966), and then fall into mortified silence.
So this was the scene when I arrived at MACBA with James Craig, Jamie Thomas, Ryan Bobier, Jon Allie, Lee Dupont, Anthony Claraval and Baby Ice.
If it were a contemporary art museum, it would have a permanent collection: The Malady of Writing, an exhibition presented by Chus Martinez after being shown at MACBA, Barcelona.
We would go to MACBA and see who was skating, maybe Jon Newport, Alex Castaneda, Ali Boulala, Lee Smith, Satva Leung, Jason Masse, Kenny Reed or Paul Shier, along with a crowd of people I didn't recognize.
Fourteen-stair hubba in the morning, then MACBA four later that day, then ledges all night long.