MACIMillon Adolescent Clinical Inventory
MACIMichigan Automotive Compressor, Inc.
MACIMaori Arts and Crafts Institute (New Zealand)
MACIMilitary Adaptation of Commercial Items
MACIMultiple-Access Cryptographic Interface
MACIManagement Agent Configuration Item
MACIMontana Alliance for Citizen Information
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In the second session, the MACI and ARCI-49 questionnaires were administered to the participants and were later checked to make sure they had been duly completed.
A todos se les aplico el MACI y la PCL-YV en entrevista videorregistrada con consentimiento informado.
De modo concreto, se utilizo la distribucion de frecuencias para analizar la prevalencia de las caracteristicas sociodemograficas y las variables evaluadas con el MACI.
Ellos muestran que el MACI es un instrumento idoneo para trabajar con adolescentes de diferentes paises latinoamericanos aunque algunas escalas presentan sistematicamente, puntuaciones directas mas altas en los adolescentes de poblacion general, sin trastornos de la salud mental y no en los adolescentes consultantes por trastornos mentales como habria sido esperable de acuerdo con la teoria.
Many people are still under the misapprehension that ACI or MACI may facilitate the reconstruction of joints affected by osteoarthritis.
The current study attempted to identify a typology of adolescent sexual offenders using the MACI.
The primary focus was to evaluate the relationship between the reported level of AD/HD symptoms (measured using the WURS) and the facets of the MACI (personality, expressed concerns, and clinical syndromes).
In Verigen's MACI procedure technicians in the laboratory seed the patient's cells onto a collagen membrane, which is fitted by a surgeon into the cartilage defect and can be secured without suturing.
A major contributing factor for the poor maintenance and lengthy repair times was that as the last MACI was fielded, Amertek divested itself of its fire truck production line.
MACI is a new procedure that uses a thin patch to hold the patient's own cartilage cells in place as they grow.
Dottie Roberts, EdD(c), MSN, MACI, RN, CMSRN, OCNS-C[R], CNE Editor