MACIMillon Adolescent Clinical Inventory
MACIMichigan Automotive Compressor, Inc.
MACIMilitary Adaptation of Commercial Items
MACIMultiple-Access Cryptographic Interface
MACIManagement Agent Configuration Item
MACIMontana Alliance for Citizen Information
MACIMaori Arts and Crafts Institute (New Zealand)
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We will always pursue a sweeper through the MACI program when it
A major contributing factor for the poor maintenance and lengthy repair times was that as the last MACI was fielded, Amertek divested itself of its fire truck production line.
In 1995, having read feedback from field units, personnel from the US Army Engineer School determined that the aging and unreliable MACI should be replaced.
En la tabla 1 se muestran los datos descriptivos respecto a la inteligencia emocional percibida y las conductas de riesgo de los adolescentes, asi como los valores de consistencia interna obtenidos con la escala EQ-i: YV y el MACI.
Mitchell, of these two techniques, the newer MACI technique may offer the most benefits to the patient.
Both ACI and MACI show a lot of promise, but I think the advantage of MACI is that an osteotomy is not necessary in order to successfully implant the matrix.
To study the outcomes of this new technology, Bartlett and colleagues recently published results of a randomized controlled trial between MACI and ACI in 91 patients.
The roles of MACI and synthetic scaffolds are yet to be determined.
MACI was previously using some MAPICS components to manage its accounting, purchasing and tool crib inventory.
MACI has seen a 15 percent growth rate per year over the past five years, therefore MAPICS' stability, flexibility and comprehensive support organization were critical factors in our selection.
7 Genzyme: Carticel, Epicel and MACI Global Sales ($m), AGR (%), 2009-2011
MACI uses a patient's own (autologous) cultured cartilage cells (chondrocytes) to repair articular cartilage defects in the knee joint.