MACMAMid-Atlantic Club Management Association
MACMAMichigan Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Association (Lansing, MI)
MACMAMinisterial Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs (Australia)
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MACMA growers were also more likely to believe they had input into public policy that might affect them.
MACMA growers were also more likely than the other two grower groups to at least agree that they were generally satisfied with their marketing arrangements.
Almost 70 percent of MACMA growers support a new federal law that requires processing firms to bargain with accredited grower bargaining cooperatives or associations.
Over 50 percent of MACMA growers agree or strongly agree with the statement that they could find marketing assistance if they needed it, compared to only 17 percent of non-MAMCA Michigan growers and 13 percent of New York growers.
Over 80 percent of MACMA growers and more than 50 percent of the growers in the other two groups believe that grower bargaining units raise prices for all growers.
To further investigate the potential impact of membership in MACMA on attitudes and perceptions, researchers constructed a "satisfaction" index from the six survey items discussed above.
The results indicate that membership in MACMA brings with it more satisfaction as measured by the items in the index.
These results are not surprising considering that MACMA actively lobbies on behalf of its member growers, represents them in contract negotiations with processors and maintains a marketing desk that will find outlets for members' apples as needed.