MACNYThe Manufacturers Association of Central New York (Syracuse)
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As an employer association, MACNY constantly surveys its member companies on a variety of subjects including wages, salaries, benefits, employment policies and practices, and their changing membership needs.
This information led MACNY to develop an entire workshop and seminar series in which our members received hands-on training in total quality management.
MACNY believes that if its raw materials are not quality materials, it cannot deliver total quality products and services to members.
As an employer association, MACNY is in the education and training business.
At MACNY, all staff are empowered to respond to member requests, complaints, and praises.
Along these lines, MACNY has instituted an incentive program for staff in the acquisition of new members.
Despite the initial slow enrollment, MACNY continued to offer more and more courses in total quality.
MACNY closely monitors enrollments in our seminars and workshops because we repeat many subjects year after year.
MACNY has adopted the strategy of total quality industry: Test fast.
MACNY does provide callers with a reference sheet on ongoing services and upcoming events.
This is the area in which MACNY seeks to identify trends in the improvement of our products and services.
MACNY staff identify potential council members primarily by asking chief executive officers for names during the course of member-contact calls and other outreach efforts.