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MACOSMacintosh Operating System
MACOSMusicians against the Copyrighting of Samples
MACOSModeling of Actively Controlled Optical Systems
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In addition, SmartAxis has introduced a Macintosh version of its electronic cash software, underpinned by the MacOS PC/SC components.
In addition to the UMAX upgrades, the previously announced 220MHz through 300MHz G3 upgrades for the PowerComputing line of upgradeable computers, which include the PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, PowerWave, PowerTower, PowerTower Pro, PowerCurve, and a 220MHz G3 upgrade card specifically for the PowerBase line, will also be a part of Newer's MacOS support program.
Unlike other entry level MacOS computers the XB Tanzania provides room to grow, with three available PCI slots, built in SCSCI, IDE controller and with open expansion slots for internal Zip or tape drive.
The new laptop would use IBM technology and the newest release of MacOS running on the 240 MHz PowerPC 603e that powers Apple's new PowerBook3400 series or a faster version now under development, a source close to the project told CMP's TechWire(TM) -- http://www.
CPUBuilders is a division of Stratitec, a diversified computer products company with an outstanding track record as a leading supplier of award-winning desktop Linux-based computer systems and the CPUBuilders Linux OS, high technology computing products, accessories for Windows, Linux and MacOS based computers and continues to innovate it's Linux For Everyone OS and software enhancements to make Linux easier to use.
Stratitec has an outstanding track record as a leading supplier of high technology computing products, connectivity, power protection and accessories for Windows, Linux and MacOS based computers.
WindowShade X, from Unsanity, brings the familiar window-collapsing effect from Classic MacOS into MacOS X, giving users greater control of their workspace.
The NetLINE Gigabit PCI Card, combined with the NetLINE switch, will provide improved TCP/IP support, performance and stability by removing the overhead of Open Transport and taking full advantage of the speed of the MacOS X's Mach kernel.
The new service is compatible with all iMac and PowerMac computers with MacOS 8.
Aestiva HTML/OS is available for Sun, SGI-IRIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, HPUX, DEC, Cobalt RaQ, Windows, HP-UX, MacOS 7-9 and MacOS X platforms.