MACRESMalaysian Centre for Remote Sensing
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Macres had been driving from his mother's home in Riverside early Saturday when his car drifted across Highway 138's center line east of 133rd Street East, CHP officers said.
Macres was thrown from the car as it spun around after the impact.
A pipe for smoking methamphetamine was found in the car, but there was no sign that Macres was intoxicated, officials said.
Joe knows the South Bay real estate market as well as anyone in this business, and he is very well known and respected throughout the valley," Macres said.
Throughout his career, Mike has earned a tremendous amount of respect from agents for his support and leadership in helping them serve customers and grow their businesses," Macres said.
Among his specific duties, Macres will oversee the enhanced listing products on the site, the "special offer" programs for professionals and their clients, and National Home Connections.
Greg Macres understands the real estate world and can help position move.
Macres has more than 25 years of real estate experience.
With the MiBridge ComToPCM SDK, DSPR can further enable OEM developers to build carrier-class IP telephony gateway applications quickly and easily," adds Jason Macres, Vice President of Marketing, DSP Research.
It's our objective to bring this technology to the speakerphone, hands- free cellular, and audio conferencing markets," said Jason Macres, VP of Marketing and Business Development at DSPSE.