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MACROMotion and Control Ring Optical
MACROMediation And Conflict Resolution Office (state of Maryland)
MACROMonopole, Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory (National Laboratories of Gran Sasso; Abruzzo, Italy)
MACROMerge and Correlate Recorded Output (computer command sequence)
MACROMid America Council of Recycling Officials
MACROMalawi AIDS Counseling and Resource Organization (USAID)
MACROMulticenter Academic Clinical Research Organization (various locations)
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To further enhance a photographers ability to shoot macro photography, the new Canon Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash can be the ideal tool.
This agreement with MACRO Industries represents Teijin Aramids goal to collaborate with partners and participate in a global ecosystem where people work with Twaron.
Ross Abbate, managing director of Europe and the Americas at Macro, said: "Macro was selected because the client felt our business model of 'One Team' fit its ethos, values and culture.
Note the difference of the optics design which also justifies the price disparity of standard and macro lenses, respectively.
Our sanitization process was able to effectively remove the malicious macro and neutralize the threat Here are two examples of scan results for the sanitized file, using different file type conversion methods.
The title Evidence Based Macro Practice in Social Work implies that this book will provide an in-depth examination of the evidence base of macro-level social work practice.
Banco Macro said its total deposits grew 8% QoQ during 1Q14, totaling ARS 46.
As customers often demand some specialization of some sensor attributes such as different electronics and housings to serve specific industrial applications, Macro Sensors can quickly address these requests and get parts out the door quickly.
With only one worksheet selected, turn on the macro recorder.
The function that convinced Lockey to switch from the trial of Macro Express to the purchase of Macro Scheduler was the latter software's ability to compile macros into an executable file.
Now create a macro that will take you directly to the worksheet target--in this case input revenue.
It addresses program control through macros, interfacing with data, macro functions, routing the output, data set variables, macro libraries, and doubly subscripted macro arrays.