MACSAMexican American Community Services Agency, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
MACSAMid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association (Aston, PA)
MACSAMaryland Association of Core Service Agencies (Frederick, MD)
MACSAMedia Access Control Source Address
MACSASeaman Apprentice, Machine Accountant Striker (Naval Rating)
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Respecto de esos aumentos presupuestales, en marzo de 2012 MACSA cobro una ampliacion de 982 mil 626.
Teachers at MACSA are employees rather than independent contractors.
Jessica Mackey first experienced MACSA as a high school student.
Following the launch earlier this year of the MACSA iCON[TM] laser, the Hertfordshire-based company is now offering the iCON Net network-enabled small character coding laser.
By spring 2005, DMH-ADA administrators were convinced of the GAIN's superiority over the MACSA, and several initially skeptical providers were convinced of the GAIN's benefits.
In addition to the MACSA, several ancillary questionnaires were deemed unnecessary because the information was part of the GAIN.
In an informal survey completed by seven of the eight agencies, almost all reported that the GAIN provided more information about clients than the MACSA and that the clinical reports were very helpful in summarizing information and beginning treatment planning.
At MACSA, we have had everything from giant cranes collapsing in front of our school to roof leaks filling a piano with water.
MACSA was the anchor tenant for the building and the landlord needed to convince his bankers that I could make the business work.
In 1993, six years before MACSA opened, I had $72 in my checking account.