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MACSYMAMac'S Symbolic Manipulation System
MACSYMAProject Mac's Symbolic Manipulation System
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Despite being so old, Macsyma has at least one big advantage: virtually all bugs have been fixed by now.
Some highlights of another symbolic math package, Macsyma, are its speed and formatting flexibility as well as its graphics animations; versions are available for DOS and most workstations.
In Proceedings of the 1977 MACSYMA User's Conference, NASA CP-2012, 1977.
That survey narrowed the field to eight: Derive, IMSL, Macsyma, Maple, Mathcad, Mathematica, Matlab, and TK Solver.
Macsyma, Maple, and Mathematica are symbol crunchers.
Products strong in numerical processing, according to an R&D Magazine survey of software developers, include Macsyma's Macsyma, The MathWork's MATLAB, National Instruments' HiQ, Speakeasy's Speakeasy, and Wolfram Research's Mathematica.
In our survey, eight products stood out: DSP Development's DADiSP, Macsyma, MATLAB, Numerical Algorithms Group's AXIOM, Prescience's Theorist, Soft Warehouse's DERIVE XM, Waterloo Maple's Maple V, and Mathematica.
PFSA documentation suggests that if offers fewer features than Macsyma but much faster operation.
In well-developed symbolic algebra languages, such as Macsyma, an arsenal of simplifying tools is available, and their selection is interactively made by the user.
The Macsyma software combines symbolic mathematical computation with numerical analysis and graphics.
Symbolic manipulators, such as MACSYMA and REDUCE, capable of powerful and nonobvious manipulations, notably differentiations, integrations, and reductions of expressions to minimal terms.
has ported its Macsyma program for algebra, calculus, and symbolic math to personal computers containing the 80386 CPU.