MACTMaximum Achievable Control Technology
MACTMaximum Available Control Technology
MACTMen of All Colors Together
MACTMotor Accident Claims Tribunal (India)
MACTMinnesota Association of Community Theatres
MACTMaulana Azad College of Technology (Bhopal, India)
MACTMaster of Arts in Communication and Technology
MACTMichigan Association of County Treasurers
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Because of certain raw materials used in ink production, gravure and flexo are the two areas that are most affected by the MACT Standards.
The Southerly Recycle Energy Facility (REF) has three fluidized bed incinerators affected by the MACT standards.
In addition, the PM CEMS offers: fully automated QA/QC procedures; the only dual monitoring solution for performance specification 11 compliance on the market; and a portfolio of complementary products that provide a total solution for MACT regulations, including the Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom System, OMNI FTIR CEMS and ARKE S03 System.
Many of ESS's regular clients have also been testing for the pollutants limited under the MACT for Boilers and Industrial Heaters.
The Utility MACT passing would require power plants to upgrade pollution control technologies, which opponents fear will be too costly.
Both the cross-state and utility MACT rules face intense opposition from industry, which argues that the regulations will impose huge burdens on the economy and cost jobs.
Seven of the 14 units at stand-alone semi-chemical pulp mills are predicted to require upgrading to the proposed "beyond the floor" MACT, which is a wet ESP followed by a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) [19].
The NHSM rule was promulgated as part of the Boiler MACT rules, which deal with air emissions from industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and from waste incinerators.
Its six plants, which mold products such as truck parts, radar domes, and wind-energy blades, switched to low-HAP resins, non-atomized spraying, and closed processes to meet MACT standards.
25-26: "2006 Wood & Boiler MACT Workshop," Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel Portland, OR; visit www.
In three concurrent sessions throughout the conference, get the information you need to ensure that your operation can properly address the most current environmental issues such as Boiler MACT, New Source Review reform rules, and more.
Chloride (HCl) emissions reduction for Industrial Boiler MACT compliance.