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MACTMaximum Available Control Technology
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MACTMotor Accident Claims Tribunal (India)
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This policy with the force of a regulation is a May 16, 1995 EPA memorandum titled, "Potential to Emit (PTE) for MACT Standards--Guidance on Timing Issues," from John Seitz, Director, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS), to Regional Air Division Directors, and is commonly known as the "Once-in-Always-in" policy.
As to the consequences of Boiler MACT standards, Donna Harman, president and CEO of the American Forest and Paper Association, said," We are disappointed that after years of back-and-forth the D.
Unfortunately, [the June 29] ruling came far too late, as the Obama administration forced compliance with the Utility MACT Rule years before we were able to defeat this illegal rule in court," the company said.
Alongside Brick MACT costs, brick makers face projected $900,000 per plant annual compliance costs pending the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's final rule on crystalline silica exposure.
Deadlines for MACT and MATS compliance are looming, and many facilities may need to take action immediately," said Brent LeClaire, product line manager, environmental and process monitoring for Thermo Fisher Scientific.
The final MACT standard for this subcategory of small dehydrators requires existing affected sources to meet a unit-specific BTEX emission limit of 3.
President and CEO Donna Harman stated, "Judge Friedman's decision to invalidate EPA's stay of the Boiler MACT and Incinerator rules jeopardizes jobs at a time when the economy can least afford it.
Transparent Consideration of Pollutant Quantities and Toxicities as Indicators of Risk Reduction Benefits in Some MACT Rulemakings
According to EPA, this reversal negates the Agency's obligation to establish mercury emission standards that are based on MACT for these facilities.
EPA's proposed MACT standard for mercury taking effect in 2008;
The final Wood MACT rule requires mills to reduce six HAPs from dryers and presses by 90%--essentially mandating incinerator controls unless the mill can show that emissions are safe.
In accordance with the MACT requirements, solid waste landfills that fall under the new rule are required to submit a semi-annual report to the EPA; develop and implement an SSM plan by January 2004; and report any deviation of continuous monitoring or other procedures outlined by the SSM plan.