MACVMilitary Assistance Command Vietnam
MACVMinnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (est. 1992; St. Paul, MN)
MACVMine Area Clearance Vehicle
MACVMichigan Association of Concerned Veterans
MACVMinimum Afferent Conduction Velocity
MACVMedical Associates of Central Virginia (Lynchburg, VA)
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Nathaniel says the WWP grant helps MACV respond quickly and effectively to the WWP veterans in crisis it encounters, which is critical to the process of stabilization.
In addition to the MACV and CORDS pacification efforts, other factors contributed to South Vietnam's control of the countryside.
41) South Vietnamese officials were also integrated at every level from MACV to hamlet with their American counterparts.
They give the reader the sense of being present in the MACV Command Center as Abrams vents his frustrations while waging a two-front war--against the communists in Vietnam and against the coalition of defeatist Pentacrats and lawmakers in Washington (arguably the more dangerous of the two foes).
2) As a result, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara directed MACV to establish a covert unit under the auspices of Operation Plan 34A to assume responsibility for certain ongoing Central Intelligence Agency programs in Southeast Asia, effective 1 February 1964.
Led by the MACV high command, the Signal Corps quickly became the target for an unmerciful attack by our combat arms brethren, who at the time needed a blood sacrifice and something to blame for why the ground war was not going particularly well.
Were we cops or military MACV, SEAL, RECON or SF operators?
LCMV is an agent of acute central nervous system disease and congenital malformations; LASV is the agent of Lassa fever in western Africa; and JUNV, MACV, GTOV, and SABV are etiologic agents of hemorrhagic fever in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Brazil, respectively.
This volume presents a view of the conflict from the perspective of the MACV commander and his staff through this period of the war, examining how and why certain decisions were made.
Third, they failed to destroy the An Cuu Bridge, south of the city, leaving open a route by which the Marines could reinforce and resupply the MACV compound.
emerge in this work and provide the MACV view of the war from the perspectives of Abrams, his senior commanders and staff officers, and Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker.
There was a baffling disparity between reports from MACV [Military Airlift Command Vietnam] and the story that dominated the papers and the evening television screens.