MACVMilitary Assistance Command Vietnam
MACVMinnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (est. 1992; St. Paul, MN)
MACVMine Area Clearance Vehicle
MACVMichigan Association of Concerned Veterans
MACVMinimum Afferent Conduction Velocity
MACVMedical Associates of Central Virginia (Lynchburg, VA)
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41) South Vietnamese officials were also integrated at every level from MACV to hamlet with their American counterparts.
In addition to the MACV and CORDS pacification efforts, other factors contributed to South Vietnam's control of the countryside.
Four years later, when Abrams departed MACV to become Army Chief of Staff, only 50,000 Americans remained in country, but well over 90 percent of the countryside was secure.
He was constantly saddled with the competing interests of the CIA, 7AF, MACV, and Thailand, which frequently did not mesh.
The results of the introduction of MACV have been hugely successful; a drastic reduction in the number of suspected cases of Neisseria meningitidis A infection, and associated deaths have been reported since then.
Several authors, such as Michael Herr in Dispatches, have dwelt on the manner in which the loss of human life was effectively sterilised by this distinct idiom of the Vietnam War, 'the cheer-crazed language of the MACV Information Office' (224).
However, the fact that two days later Kissinger asked MACV to come up with ARVN-only plans indicates that his skepticism did not override his desire to not see U.
LTG Paul Harkins identified a key issue of having two commands--the MACV, which commanded units and assisted the South Vietnamese forces with American operational planning and intelligence, and the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG), which ran advisory and training missions and indirectly financed and equipped allied forces.
The commander of the US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) met regularly with the ambassador, but coordination between the military and civilian efforts was frequently lacking, and neither the MACV commander nor the ambassador had full authority over US efforts in the country.
while British practice appears to track MACV Directive 20-5 by
Komer was assigned as the Deputy Commander of MACV for CORDS and given the rank of Ambassador.
754, 768 (1968) [hereinafter Contemporary Practice] (reproducing a portion of MACV Directive 20-5).