MACVSOGMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group
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Army, USMC, Air America, or MACVSOG teams, created a ubiquitous presence of recovery assets across the theater.
Even though not best described as a page-turner, Black Ops Vietnam is an extremely well written and organized history book that documents MACVSOG from its inception to its withdrawal from Vietnam.
It does a terrific job recounting the relationship that MACVSOG commanders had with civilian partners at the Central Intelligence Agency and with other higher headquarters at operational and strategic levels.
What Black Ops Vietnam lacks in compelling prose it makes up for in historically accurate, verifiable accounts of many aspects of MACVSOG generally not avail able to anybody other than research historians.
Black Ops Vietnam is unique in that it fills a void in the market for a comprehensive and consolidated study of MACVSOG from a third-person, unbiased historical perspective.
The material is intended to provide a complete unit history for the nine years MACVSOG was active and includes detailed information on each of the group's operations, biographies of important personnel, and descriptions of unit structure and organization.