MAD DADSMen Against Destruction - Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder
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In response, local volunteers joined with city, county and state authorities to form an anti-gang and violence-prevention program based on the MAD DADS model, involving counseling, mentoring, alternative sentencing, and early intervention.
Believing that a solution could be found and willing to devote their time, energy and resources to that goal, MAD DADS members, numbering over 600, provide security for their neighbors while mentoring and counseling at-risk youth.
Beginning with four street patrols, MAD DADS has gone on to help set up seven chapters throughout the state, organize mentoring programs that pair responsible adults with at-risk young people, start community gardens that are planned and tended by youth to benefit low-income seniors, and conduct educational, outreach, recreational, vocational training, and alternative sentencing programs.