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MADAMManchester Automatic Digital Machine
MADAMMultidisciplinary Antenatal Diagnosis and Management (fetal medicine)
MADAMMateriel Development Automated Milestone (System)
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A complicated case, my dear madam," added the captain; conscious that Mrs.
Oh, madam," replied he, "how can you desire me to quit you in the state in which I am?
It is morning, and I write by a fire which all the night I have kept alive, Madam Mina aiding me.
As for me, madam," replied the gentleman, coldly, "I have need of nothing.
Ah, madam," said Buckingham, "we are very unfortunate
After chatting some time on such matters as naturally arose from the objects around them, he suddenly addressed her with -- "I have hitherto been very remiss, madam, in the proper attentions of a partner here; I have not yet asked you how long you have been in Bath; whether you were ever here before; whether you have been at the Upper Rooms, the theatre, and the concert; and how you like the place altogether.
Will you pardon my asking, madam, if you have seen the newspapers this morning?
But, madam, it is needless; from the wharf to the hotel, as you observe, extends an unbroken line of prostrate newspaper men who crave the honour of having you walk upon them.
Upon my word, madam," answered Sophia, "it is a book which I am neither ashamed nor afraid to own I have read.
Will you favour me, madam, with a moment's conversation?
Dear madam,' he said, pressing her hand delicately to his lips;
Now, madam, frankly --frankness is a part of my character--shall I open the door for you?