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MADCAPMulticast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MADCAPMicrowave Anisotropy Dataset Computational Analysis Package
MADCAPMobilization and Deployment Capability Assurance Project (US Army)
MadcapMachine and Device Capabilities
MADCAPModel of Advection, Diffusion, and Chemistry for Air Pollution
MADCAPMedical Civic Action Program
MADCAPMosaic Array Data Compression And Processing Module
MADCAPMission Assessment & Design Capability Program (model)
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In conjunction with the acquisition, MadCap also announced a new release of the Doc-To-Help product, which adds an Office 2013 ribbon interface look and feel, a new "Theme" wizard, a number of bug fixes, and inclusion of MadCap licensing and trial behavior.
Madcap Cottage, which recently introduced a textiles collection on HSN, garners attention with whimsical uses of color and pattern.
In an era of continuous improvement, shrinking product cycles, and multiple product variations, businesses need to ensure that their documentation keeps pace with each new rollout, said Anthony Olivier, MadCap Software founder and CEO.
Kiloh Smith, the Laughing Madcaps Group Owner, says, "This Facebook interface is really cool.
MadCap has achieved acclaim from the March 2006 launch of its flagship content authoring product, MadCap Flare, designed to compete with Adobe's RoboHelp.
Multichannel content authoring software provider MadCap Software announced that Protech Associates has adopted MadCap Feedback Server.
Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards are starring in a madcap mistaken-identity romp expected to wrap shooting today.
Francois makes the most of unpromising programmes for such workaday things as social housing blocks and car parks, and his madcap imagination invigorates urban life.
This account of their search is a combination of nature trip, travelogue and madcap excursion filled with Manhattan socialites, rough coots from the bush and anecdotes about the weird Alexis, who needed his daily marijuana fix wherever he went and who collected scat and bodily fluids to use in his drawings of native animals.
The result is a clunky, madcap caprice memorable for its sheer absurdity.
While entertaining us by poking holes in the silly superstitions of that age and by recounting amusing tales of madcap royalty and armor-clad knights that "clatter like a crate of castings" as they ride, Twain's story unfolds at a much more profound level as a powerful statement about cultural change and modernity.
The early Curious George books are madcap adventures, reflecting the Victorian sensibility, but, as the series progressed, the pediatric-educational complex in Dr.