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MADCAPMulticast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MADCAPMicrowave Anisotropy Dataset Computational Analysis Package
MADCAPMobilization and Deployment Capability Assurance Project (US Army)
MadcapMachine and Device Capabilities
MADCAPModel of Advection, Diffusion, and Chemistry for Air Pollution
MADCAPMedical Civic Action Program
MADCAPMosaic Array Data Compression And Processing Module
MADCAPMission Assessment & Design Capability Program (model)
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Madcap Cottage, which recently introduced a textiles collection on HSN, garners attention with whimsical uses of color and pattern.
The new bridge integration solution combines the capabilities of MadCap Flare and BigLever Gears to provide a single, unified mechanism for end-to-end document management across each stage of the product engineering lifecycle, and throughout business operations such as portfolio planning and definition, marketing, sales, manufacturing, deployment, service, and finely tailored documentation for end users.
Stuart Kettell at Sainsbury's in Canley and (left) Sukhmun Bal tries to work out how the madcap dad is floating in the air
If the Auditor for Wales makes such comments then surely the Welsh Government should be asking him to make investigations into all the madcap improvements being made in all our regions and how our taxes could possibly be released to fund such stupid projects that the specialists and consultants know are all doomed to failure.
The group takes the traditional marching band motif and puts a punk rock, steampunk spin on it, fusing jazz and funk with a variety of other elements thrown together in a madcap fashion.
0, MadCap will cease producing MadCap Blaze, the XML-based alternative to Adobe FrameMaker for long print documents.
This account of their search is a combination of nature trip, travelogue and madcap excursion filled with Manhattan socialites, rough coots from the bush and anecdotes about the weird Alexis, who needed his daily marijuana fix wherever he went and who collected scat and bodily fluids to use in his drawings of native animals.
The result is a clunky, madcap caprice memorable for its sheer absurdity.
A HUNDRED deaths of soldiers in Iraq is a very sad state of affairs indeed and they are 100 deaths which could have been prevented if Blair hadn't gone on his madcap mission with George Bush to save the world in 2003.
The early Curious George books are madcap adventures, reflecting the Victorian sensibility, but, as the series progressed, the pediatric-educational complex in Dr.
All of the characters, old and new, add flavor to the series and make Sookie's madcap adventures even more entertaining.