MADDEMaemo Application Development and Debugging Environment (open source software)
MADDEMississippi Afrocentrik Dance and Drum Ensemble
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MADDE focused solely on cognitively impaired persons and their caregivers.
This article assesses whether the MADDE intervention changed nursing home entry rates for treatments compared to entry rates for controls.
MADDE site programs could provide case management and subsidized community services to the treatment clients for up to three years if the client remained living in the community.
Three competing hypotheses were considered in testing the MADDE intervention effect on the nursing home entry rates of treatment group members.
Still, the overall thrust of the results suggests that the MADDE intervention had little effect on changing nursing home entry rates.
However, the Channeling demonstration maximum benefit was set at 60 percent of the monthly cost of a nursing home stay - substantially in excess of the MADDE maximum benefit.
The MADDE attempted to improve the lives of persons with dementia and their caregivers.