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MADGEMicroplate-Array Diagonal Gel Electrophoresis
MADGEMothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering (Australia)
MADGEMicrowave Aircraft Digital Guidance Equipment
MADGEMedina Area Disc Golf Experience (Medina, OH)
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Skiff Miller arose, no longer awkward with admiration of Madge, and in a sharp, businesslike manner asked, "How long have you had him?
But you do not answer," Madge continued passionately.
He was still gazing at his extended finger when Madge began to speak.
Maybe the dog has some choice in the matter," Madge went on.
Skiff Miller continued to debate with himself, and Madge stole a glance of exultation to her husband, who looked back warm approval.
He looked with sudden suspicion at Madge, and added, "Only you must play fair.
We'll play fair," Madge began, but Skiff Miller broke in on her assurances.
Madge agreed, and added, "And I promise you faithfully that we won't do anything to influence him.
He sprang to his feet with a whine, and then, struck by a new idea, turned his attention to Madge.
By the time she was a teenager, Madge was a fixture at the Prince's Club in Kensington, where she was natural on the ice.
Madge never returned home for her tea, and her father went in search of his daughter without success.
From this perspective, Jones's peculiar socioeconomic circumstance demands he choose the lesser of two evils: Either he marries his wealthy, self-absorbed, near-white fiancee Alice and accepts the "limitations" of his race, or he "rapes" Madge, a racially antagonizing white woman, to challenge white supremacy at the risk of death.