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MADIMultichannel Audio Digital Interface
MADIMovimento de Apoio Ao Diminuído Intelectual (Movement of Support to the Mentally Handicapped - Portugal)
MADIMood and Anxiety Disorders Institute (Department of Psychiatry; Massachusetts General Hospital)
MADIMaine American Dream Initiative (Maine State Housing Authority)
MADIMassachusetts Destination Imagination (youth program)
MADIMaximum Allowable Dose Index
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FiberPlex products provided the multiplexing and conversion possible to run multiple MADI streams to and from the stage and music trucks and from the music trucks to the Denali Summit, NEP Broadcasting's broadcast truck for delivering the live feed to CBS for broadcast.
Plug-in SFPs from FiberPlex come in SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, and the newer 6G-UHD for using and converting between media formats, as well as full duplex and BiDi optical, HDMI/DVI, 10/100/1G Ethernet and MADI.
The MADI Express Prepaid MasterCard card is available in Botswana's local currency, the Pula (BWP), and represents the first MasterCard Prepaid card to be launched and issued in Botswana.
MADI was developed by Intermet in 2001 at the research metalcasting facility in Lynchburg for casting automotive structure and powertrain components, such as control arms, steering knuckles and crankshafts.
For Pro Bowl 2014, FiberPlex's MADI SFP/SFP+ easily handled Avid's modified MADI protocol for bidirectional 48x48 digital audio channels into multimode optical fiber supporting separate wireless mics, multitrack recordings, live band, plus a number of announcers and other sources that add to the mix of a typical NFL game.
The MediorNet Compact provides connectivity for up to 12 3G/HD/ SD-SDI signals, four AES ports, two MADI interfaces as well as four analogue audio I/Os with high-quality microphone preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB.
Druschitz noted that when the engine blew, Cox simply installed the MADI crankshaft in a new engine.
Three different RTS/Telex products had key roles here: The Tribus Digital Audio Interface Card linking the two 3D OB trucks; a TM-2000 Truckmaster linking the 2D and host trucks; and the new RTS/Telex MADI card linking the 2D and 3D trucks.
During the event, held at the Ocean Club at Sheraton Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, MADI International introduced Sebastian Professional products that are divided into four ranges: Foundation, Flow, Form and Flaunt.
MADI was developed by Intermet in 2001 at the company's Research Foundry in Lynchburg for casting automotive structural and powertrain components such as control arms, steering knuckles and crankshafts.
According to Druschitz, the MADI material addresses one of the major stumbling blocks to the efficient casting of suspension control arms and crankshafts in austempered ductile iron: they are difficult and costly to machine.
Euphonix will offer a complete family of products for conversion to and from analog, AES/EBU and MADI at a variety of sample rates and bit resolutions up to 24-bit and 96K.
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