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MADIMultichannel Audio Digital Interface
MADIMovimento de Apoio Ao Diminuído Intelectual (Movement of Support to the Mentally Handicapped - Portugal)
MADIMood and Anxiety Disorders Institute (Department of Psychiatry; Massachusetts General Hospital)
MADIMaine American Dream Initiative (Maine State Housing Authority)
MADIMassachusetts Destination Imagination (youth program)
MADIMaximum Allowable Dose Index
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The iAM-MIX monitors custom MADI streams and set-ups distributed to each operator station through Dome Productions' audio router.
Plug-in SFPs from FiberPlex come in SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, and the newer 6G-UHD for using and converting between media formats, as well as full duplex and BiDi optical, HDMI/DVI, 10/100/1G Ethernet and MADI.
MADI was developed by Intermet in 2001 at the research metalcasting facility in Lynchburg for casting automotive structure and powertrain components, such as control arms, steering knuckles and crankshafts.
With the addition of support for the MADI standard, we're enabling the ability to work with huge numbers of audio channels as well.
Druschitz noted that when the engine blew, Cox simply installed the MADI crankshaft in a new engine.
1, 48 and 96 kHz, a selectable channel/port quantity of 32, 48, 56 and 64, VOX on all 64 inputs, a fiber (MM) SFP duplex LC removable transceiver module and BNC MADI in and BNC out.
The MediorNet Compact provides connectivity for up to 12 3G/HD/ SD-SDI signals, four AES ports, two MADI interfaces as well as four analogue audio I/Os with high-quality microphone preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB.
With the MADI material, we use a special chemical composition and heat-treat cycles that produce a unique microstructure more favorable to normal, less costly machining methods.
Telegenic's 3D OB truck was equipped with, among others, a 128-port ADAM (advanced digital audio matrix) system with an RTS MADI (multichannel audio digital interface) card, as well as various keypanels from its KP series.
MADI International, exclusive distributor for internationally reputed brands in hair care, skin care, nail care, makeup, salon equipment and furniture, yesterday (Monday, March 22, 2010) launched the product line of Sebastian Professional in the UAE, a brand owned by Procter & Gamble that is regarded as one of the world's true innovators of styling and hair care.
This expansion involves the primary serial digital video, analog video and analog audio routing switchers, taking the current 448 X 448 Pro-Bel XD digital matrix to 640 X 640, the Pro-Bel analog video matrix from 256 X 32 to 640 X 64, and Pro-Bel's innovative MADI (Multiplexed Audio Digital Interface) from a 4-channel 253 X 28 matrix to a 4-channel 616 X 56 matrix.
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