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MADOMississippi Association of Dispensing Opticians (Gulfport, MS)
MADOMaximum Achievable Diversity Order
MADOMergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Outsourcing
MADOMalvern and District Orienteers (UK)
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A number of Turkish embassy officials, UDC management and Mado Group employees also attended the event.
In 1994, Mado became the first Japanese recipient of the IBBY's prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award.
Coincidentally, Jacques and Mado had been a couple a decade or so before.
So far, International Premium has attracted nearly 30 exhibitors from USA, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, France, China and Hong Kong, with exhibitors including warehousing equipment from Cambro, vacuum equipment from Hatco, toasters from Rational, bowl choppers from Mado, gold and silver tableware from Lucky, glassware from Orgonovo and glass tables from Huafu.
District official Victor Mado Waton says the 10-year-old girl was searching for turtles with her father and brother in East Nusatenggara province when a giant saltwater crocodile sprang from a river and pulled her in.
All related government officials will soon hold a coordination meeting to deal with the latest situation," Lembata Deputy Dsitrict Chief Viktor Mado Watun said here on Thursday.
kisses each one (fans) so they too can taste queen mado guys sooo much
The words of CVCV structure are said to have a half-long vowel in the second syllable: kala 'fish:Nom', maDo 'snake:Nom' (Sovijarvi 1944 : 17), similar to Estonian (Ross, Lehiste 2001 : 44--45) and a part of Finnish dialects (Wiik, Lehiste : 1968).
It was for this song, as Mado tells the audience, that band members had fled when security harassed them last year.
In order to include such clinical information in our analysis, we also used the computerized reportable diseases central registry (also called the Fichier des maladies a declaration obligatoire or MADO registry).
An explosion took place in Mado Cafe in Baghdad Square in Istanbul where thousands of people visit in the weekends.
Described by Mado Batali as a "temple" to Italian food and the Slow Food movement, Eataly is located in 200 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron district at 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, directly across from Madison Square Park.