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MADSMaximum Annual Debt Service
MADSMesh Adaptive Direct Search (Algorithm)
MADSModular Auxiliary Data System (NASA)
MADSModified Air Defense System
MADSMalta Association of Dental Students
MADSMission Area Deficiency Statement
MADSMain Aircraft Data System
MADSMessage Accountability Delivery System
MADSMilitarized Advanced Disk System
MADSMaster Alarm Distribution System
MADSMembrane Assisted Distillation Stripping
MADSMonopulse Antenna Detection System
MADSMaintenance & Diagnostic Subsystem
MADSMissile Approach Detector Systems
MADSMiniature Aircraft Deployment System
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The MADS run-time engine reduces both the technical risk of a product and the number of programmers needed to complete a project.
9% over 2004 and provided strong historical MADS coverage on the new senior debt service of 2.
The contents of "PortInfo", "NodeInfo", "SwitchInfo" and more than fifty other payload structures are made visible when "Get", "Set", and "GetResponse" MADs transmit information through the cable.