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MADSMaximum Annual Debt Service
MADSMesh Adaptive Direct Search (Algorithm)
MADSModular Auxiliary Data System (NASA)
MADSModified Air Defense System
MADSMalta Association of Dental Students
MADSMission Area Deficiency Statement
MADSMain Aircraft Data System
MADSMessage Accountability Delivery System
MADSMilitarized Advanced Disk System
MADSMaster Alarm Distribution System
MADSMembrane Assisted Distillation Stripping
MADSMonopulse Antenna Detection System
MADSMaintenance & Diagnostic Subsystem
MADSMissile Approach Detector Systems
MADSMiniature Aircraft Deployment System
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Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: `we're all mad here.
If these amazing experiences are real I shall go mad; if they are fanciful I am mad already.
It is one of a dozen similarly hideous things that your father has created in his mad desire to solve the problem of life.
I have carried out the commandment of the king; I have slain her, mad or sane, whom the king commanded should be killed, and I have earned not death, but a reward.
And jist wid that in cum'd the little willian himself, and then he made me a broth of a bow, and thin he said he had ounly taken the liberty of doing me the honor of the giving me a call, and thin he went on to palaver at a great rate, and divil the bit did I comprehind what he wud be afther the tilling me at all at all, excipting and saving that he said "pully wou, woolly wou," and tould me, among a bushel o' lies, bad luck to him, that he was mad for the love o' my widdy Misthress Tracle, and that my widdy Mrs.