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MADTMultiple APIC Description Table
MADTMonthly Average Daily Traffic
MADTMean Accumulated Down Time
MADTMicroalloy Diffused-Base Transistor
MADTMean Administrative Delay Time
MADTMaximum Allowable Down Time
MADTMake a Difference Today (British Petroleum Canada)
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where: MADT - the average daily traffic intensity during a month; DT - the daily traffic intensity; d - the number of days in a month; k - running number of the day of the month.
Drawing on basic data extracted from MADT and supplemented by estimates prepared by the Statistics Division of the UN, the book presents analytical tables summarizing the principal national accounting aggregates based on official national accounts data for more than 200 countries and areas of the world.
Choreographed in 1961, this homage to the Jews exterminated in Nazi camps was set by Sokolow on MADT in 1975.