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MADUMalvern Archaeological Diving Unit (underwater/intertidal archaeology; Worcestershire, UK)
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Anthony Madu is on trial at Cardiff Crown Court after denying defrauding the NHS out of tens of thousands of pounds.
Dr Anthony Madu, 45, is accused of defrauding the NHS | WA W LES NEWS SERVICE
Molasses is produced by state plantation companies PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) IX, X, and XI in Java and PTPN II, VII, XIII, and XIV outside Java and state-owned sugar producing company PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI), and private sugar producing factories such as PT Gunung Madu Plantation, PT Gula Putih Mataram, and PT Sweet Indo Lampung with a total production capacity of 1.
Madu was suspended by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board in October 2009.
Madu has pleaded not guilty to six counts of fraud and insists his employers in Cardiff failed to tell him he was not allowed to work elsewhere.
Dr Anthony Madu has been accused of incompetence and dishonesty
Prosecution counsel Christian Jowett said Madu had been irresponsible as well as dishonest.
He said it would have been "irresponsible" to allow Madu to continue working.
Yesterday Madu changed his plea, admitted robbery and was jailed for seven years.
Private sugar mills include those of Rajawali Nusantara Indoensia (RNI) run by subsidiaries PG Rajawali I in Surabaya, PG Rajawali II, in Cirebon and PG Rajawali III in Gorontalo and PT Madu Baru.
The only producer is PT Bernas Madu Sari (BMS) established in 1993.
At present, there is only one refined-sugar producer operating in Indonesia, and it is PT Bernas Madu Sari, whose production capacity is only 150,000 tons, very low compared to the domestic consumption of sugar, which was 540,000 tons in 2000.