MAECMinisterio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperacion (Spanish: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Spain)
MAECMid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (equal opportunity learning environment)
MAECMid America Earthquake Center
MAECMalay Activity Executive Committee (Singapore)
MAECMidAmerican Energy Company (Iowa)
MAECMichigan Agricultural Electric Council
MAECMovimiento Alas Equipo Colombia (Spanish: Team Colombia-Alas Movement; Colombia)
MAECManufacturing Analysis of Engineering Change
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When the MAEC opens, it will be a place of creativity, entertainment, and learning.
Wilchynski received the award at Lesley University in Cambridge on May 29, as part of the MAEC advocacy symposium.
2] values obtained between HPLC or CZE and MAEC were compared in samples with or without Hb S (Table 4).
MAEC has extensive experience in helping communities ensure equitable education opportunities are available and accessible for all children, regardless of race, gender, or national origin.
Elle comprend egalement la directrice de la cooperation multilaterale et des affaires economiques internationales au MAEC, Mme Zakia El Midaoui, et le directeur des affaires africaines au meme departement, Moha Ouali Tagma.
Nom: Email: Agence Bayt Mal Al Qods Acharif Le MAEC exprime son grand etonnement
Migrating the operating system and office suite Park MAEC computers to Windows 7 and Office 2010, and the implementation of automated tool SCCM software distribution.
Service comprehensive maintenance of buildings and facilities MAEC in Madrid.
Operating market MAEC (center of energy from waste) Carhaix expires on 31.
Within the first four years of the 2012-2016 country program, UNDP and the MAEC have d ^ envelopes of a projei renforcemeni and support was for Implementation of their common plan aciion UNDAF conjoimemenl e > labore.