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MAELMobile Aeronautics Education Laboratory (US NASA)
MAELMid-America Association of Equipment Lessors (Chicago, IL)
MAELMaster of Arts in Education Leadership
MAELMonarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (est. 1967; UK)
MAELMaximum Achievable Emission Limits (EPA)
MAELMinimal Adverse Effect Level (toxicology)
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An excellent user experience is very important to us," says Mael Frize, product designer at Filestage.
While they're just about getting around to releasing their debut as FFS, the two bands actually floated the idea of working together way back in 2004, with the Mael brothers even going as far as writing a song, the bluntly-titled P**s Off, and sending it to Franz frontman Alex Kapranos and his bandmates for consideration.
Yet elsewhere Mael Sechnaill I ([dagger]862) "came closer than any of his predecessors to instituting a high-kingship of Ireland" (43-44), otherwise something only "realised" by Brian in 1006 (156).
terminate Jonathan Mael and Adam Waksman and issue an official apology to the
Shulstad and Lieutenant Colonel Mael by (1) obtaining commitment, (2) taking charge, (3) securing cooperation, (4) opening and maintaining lines of communication, (5) building trust and respect, (6) removing barriers, and (7) building and executing plans.
It is important to highlight that initial studies dealt with the question of the causes and effects of the identification of employees with the company as a focal point (Ashforth & Mael, 1989).
But the only strong criterion for a positive attribution is some affiliation, proximate or remote, with the monastery of Tallaght, a known Celi De center, and the clients' two most famous leaders, Mael Dithrub and Mael Ruain.
CANYON COUNTRY - Mael Moore, still driving after her 100th birthday and continuing to bake and sew, died Monday in Santa Clarita at 103.
Going solo Justin Hawkins's first solo single is out on Monday NOT IMPRESSED FiancAe Sue Whitehouse is getting impatient with Justin IMPRESSED Sparks, brothers Ron (left) and Russell Mael, who recorded the original version
The Knights Next Door: Everyday People Living Middle Ages Dreams by journalist Patrick O'Donnell (aka Mael Patraic mac Domnaill, a wandering chronicles of the 9th Century who has journeyed across the Known World and has taken to battle and fought--poorly--in the 5th Century alongside a band of Romano-Celt mercenaries called Darkyard) is about this popular hobby as practiced by thousands of men, women, and children today.
Gardai were alerted to the house in the Mael Duin estate at 11am on Friday morning after a doctor who was called to the home became suspicious when he found marks on Mrs Mulder's neck.
I'LL POP A CAP UP SOME FOOL AT THE GAP," Russell Mael sings as his brother Ron struts around on stage in a wifebeater.