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MAERMaximum Allowable Emission Rate
MAERMeta-Analysis of Economic Research (network)
MAERMultiple Assets Effectiveness Report
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When the performance is measured by the MAER the superior performance of the discrete model is highly significant in both the samples.
Niet toelatende dat ghy [Indianen] meught tracteren met vreemt volck, om te ghenieten den goeden koop van koopmanschappen ghelijck andere Natien: maer dat ghy die als slaven, alleenlijcken moet ontfangen uyt sijn geslooten handt van Spaengien.
laste/ of dat vele eerlijcke luyden haer/ op haer woordt, of schrift, maer insonderheyt op
Maer testified that he later was told that the bodies were collected and photographed to try and determine if one was an Iraqi code-named "Bravo One" who had previously killed six Royal Military Police men in Majar Al Kabir.
Sy maer skouertjies hang asof daar nie been in is nie.
Shortly afterward, Die Doot implies that he will have some role in the reckoning itself ("Ick ben die doot, die niemant en spaert / Maer Elckerlijck sal bi / Gods beveele doen rekeninghe mi" [I am Death, who spares no one.
Commanding officer Lieut Col Matt Maer said: "They faced an enormous challenge and rose to it magnificently.
The regiment's spokesman, David Falcke, said the regiment, led by Lt Col Matt Maer, was home before moving with their families, as planned, to Paderborn in western Germany in February - "There has been no talk of going back to Iraq.
Openly gay editor Maer Roshan ascends from the barricades of the gay press to mainstream heaven at Talk magazine
Writers Maer Roshan and Joe Dolce are working on a screenplay about her life-story.
Meyer 1883 Die Sprache von Errub und Maer, Abhandlungen der Koniglich Sachsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, Philologisch-historische Klasse 8, 511-36.
Steven Kotok, President of The Week, announced the appointments today: Maer Roshan, Editor, TheWeek.