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MAFALDAMicrokernel Assessment by Fault-Injection Analysis and Design Aid
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Alice Catholic Church in Springfield for Mafalda A.
Steffan, along with Sophie Thompson as Mafalda Hopkirk and David O'Hara as Albert Runcorn, recorded their own voices as they acted out the scenes in which the young cast members - played by Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson respectively - inhabit their bodies.
The Toy Soldiers from Leeds: The Slash Palimpsest" by Mafalda Stasi is another excellent essay that explores the idea of slash as an intertextual palimpsest, with its referential aspects resembling techniques of medieval allegory and classical discourse.
Ferdinand and Mafalda DelGrosso formalized production of their family's pasta sauce for retail beginning in 1947.
In the tradition of Argentinian Quino's Mafalda or Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury, Arkas uses his weekly strips to satirize sociocultural mores that transcend Greek reality to reveal the contemporary global human being.
This might even have healed the Duce's eventual breach with King Victor Emmanuel III, who willingly lamented the 1938 race laws, and who learned from experience what befell royals who irked the Nazis (his own daughter Mafalda perished in Buchenwald).
43) For an understanding of this comic-strip form, see: Foster, David William (1989), From Mafalda to Los Supermachos--Latin American Graphic Humor as Popular Culture, Boulder and London: Lynne Rienner Publishers; Rubenstein, Anne (1998), Bad Language, Naked Ladies and Other Threats to the Nation--A Political History of Comic Books in Mexico, Durham and London: Duke University Press; Baker, Martin (1989), Comics: Ideology, Power and the Critics, Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press.
by Mafalda Ferrari, preface by Bruno Schiappa, Coisas de ler (Queluz) 139.
The three new pupils were Morgan and his twin sisters Astrid and Mafalda,and they were duly accepted as playmates.
Ai toni di favola, al sottofondo religioso e alle immagini poetiche della siciliana Maria si contrappongono il dialetto romanesco, le esclamazioni volgari e l'estremo realismo dell'intervista con la borgatara Mafalda.
Nine can hire the Villa Mafalda in Anacapri on Capri Island with its own circular private pool from EUR5,000 (about pounds 350 each) for a week.
Portuguese Diva Amalia Rodrigues, and Multi-Platinum Artists Flor, and Mafalda Veiga & Joao Pedro Pais Set for Digital Release