MAFWEMinistry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy (Macedonia)
MAFWEMinistry of Agriculture, Forests, Waters and Environment (now Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development; Romania)
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Detailed description of the object of the contract: Business Travel Insurance, Comprehensive Motor motor insurance without franchise included theft risk without Bulgaria, automobile liability insurance to third parties and insurance avtonezgoda and collective insurance against accidents (accidents) of employees sector forest police MAFWE.
Macedonia, 2002 - 2011, and date MAFWE QUANTITY OF EXPORTED TOBACCO Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Quantity (t) 15,399 17,260 22,455 16,353 22,764 32,031 26,241 23,372 2009 2010 Average 18,748 20,688 21,531 Source: Statistical Review: Foreign Trade-2001-2010
Contract award: Cleaning of the canals for drainage and irrigation in the year 2014 for the requirements of the Water Management Directorate with the MAFWE.
Contract award: Printing of control stamps-labels for marking of the imported seeds and transplanting materials for the requirements of the Directorate for seeds with the MAFWE.