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MAGDMaster of the Academy of General Dentistry
MAGDMichigan Academy of General Dentistry (Ypsilanti, MI)
MAGDMilitary Aid to Government Departments
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The snare set for Magdalen having failed, the chance of entrapping Magd alen's sister was the next chance to try.
The recently discovered functions of the limbic system, where man's rational mind lies, have been stipulated in the Holy Quran over 14 centuries ago," Prof Abul Magd stated.
18) MAGD explains that it examined the following direct costs to market participants as a result of the G-20 reforms:
Prior to achieving her doctor of dental surgery degree, Cheryl Billingsley, DDS, MAGD, ND, spent seven years working as a dental hygienist, learning many important aspects of patient care.
Most cases of bad breath originate from the breakdown of food particles that produce sulfur compounds, and from bacteria on the gums and tongue,' says Academy of General Dentistry spokesperson Bruce DeGinder, DDS, MAGD.
The head of the team is expected to be Magd Mohaffel, formerly Trafigura's global head of fuel oil.
With great courage the New Islamists have defended art and artists against what they regard as the ignorant, extremist misreading of Islam that banish music, dance, and artistic expression generally from the Islamic community (Abul Magd 1992).
Last February, Hamas supporter Sheikh Magd Al-Barghuthi died after being tortured at the Palestinian intelligence headquarters.
Magd, 12, told about how his church school had been bombed in Iraq.
Islamic scholar Kamal Abul Magd explained: "In the early days of Islam, [and] up till very recently, anyone who had a specialisation in Islamic law was entitled to express his opinion.
Bastian, DDS, MAGD, "Bleaching is perfectly safe, but it belongs in the dental office.
26r-27r: "Y asi tocado de Dios, y movido del gran exemplo de su hermana, que pot medio de sus penitencias, lagrimas, y oraciones quiso su Divina Magd.