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MAGEMelanoma Antigen Gene
MAGEMarine Aerosol and Gas Exchange
MAGEMAGE Adventure Game Engine
MAGEMarburg Ad-hoc Grid Environment
MAGEMechanical Aerospace Ground Equipment
MAGEMulti-Purpose Advanced Game Engine
MAGEMultiple Angled Geometric Extension
MAGEMultiplex Automated Genome Engineering (biotechnology)
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It can be said to be "about" the power of the mage ("magus," a man with supernatural powers) and how he uses those powers to excavate his past and to explore the power of illusion.
Mage DT, Allen RH, Gondy G, Smith W, Barr DB, Needham LL.
Tumor samples with MAGE-A expression [greater than or equal to]3% may express enough MAGE antigen to be recognized by cytolytic T lymphocytes (5).
Bring Popular Tabletop Game, Mage Knight[TM], to Online Space
OTC: TAPM), an emerging growth company within the mobile gaming industry, is pleased to announce that its new role-playing game, Dice Mage, has been featured as a "Best New Game" on Apple's iOS platform and has been distinguished with a rare "App Store Editors' Note.
com)-- MAGE SOLAR, a US-based provider of premium quality, top-performance PV and ACPV modules, announced today that the company has been named an ONTILITY Gold Partner and has entered a partnership program with the leading wholesale distributor of solar equipment.
A Mage of None Magic: The Heart of the Sisters" follows the story of apprentice magician Niel as he finds himself right in the middle of the Heart of the Sisters Legend of his world, the root of all magic and what may be the root of its apocalypse.
For demonstrating MAGE, the researchers engineered Escherichia coli that churn out five times as much of a chemical called lycopene than their forbearers.
She is pursued by bounty hunters who would sell her to her mage foes, and helped--or stalked--by a mysterious and infuriating young man whose motives are suspect.
Mage criticizes us for not subtracting preapplication urine values in our assessment of systemic dose related to on-study applications.
Her plans cause celebrations in the streets but consternation in the palace, where a Mage called Profion (Jeremy Irons) plans to usurp her from the throne.
Players can use any of 3 types of characters--warrior, mage, or cleric--in a variety of fantasy battlefields including grasslands, a dark world, and the ocean floor.