MAGECMiami Area Geriatric Education Center (Miami, FL)
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The MAGEC device has exceeded my expectations for what I had hoped to someday witness during my clinical research career.
Following minimally invasive implantation, MAGEC provides a completely noninvasive alternative for treating Early Onset Scoliosis.
The largest benefit of MAGEC rod technology is that it removes the need for repeat operations.
the MAGEC rod treatment which is new across the globe will continue to elevate patient care and outcomes in the country, benefitting our young scoliosis sufferers," he said.
Mr Noordeen said: "At present, kids need major surgery to get their backs straightened but MAGEC means we can do it in about half an hour in outpatients.
With the MAGEC Technology, a single minimally invasive surgical procedure is completed.
While the MAGEC System has not been approved for commercial distribution in the United States, Ellipse has a pending Humanitarian Device Exemption application under review and is working closely with the FDA through the approval process.
The use of Evo with the MAGEC framework provides a robust solution for our clients.
Ellipse has developed the MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) Technology for treatment of spinal deformities.
The MAGEC System is CE-Marked and Ellipse recently initiated a product launch at the International Meeting for Advanced Spine Therapies (IMAST) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Ellipse will begin marketing the MAGEC System in European countries during the first quarter 2011.
Ellipse has developed the MAGEC Technology for minimally invasive, and ultimately non-invasive, orthopedic deformity prevention and management.