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MAGIModified Adjusted Gross Income
MAGIMcNaughton Apparel Group, Inc.
MAGIMathematical Applications Group, Inc. (computer graphics)
MAGIModern Arcane Guild of Investigation (MMOG game)
MAGIModel Agreement Group Initiative (San Francisco, CA)
MAGIManufacturing Action Group Inc. (est. 1985; Grand Rapids, MI)
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They are modern-day Magi who saw the star because they journeyed and took risks.
The Magi tell us that if we don't believe that the promises can be fulfilled, we will never notice that it has begun to happen.
We celebrate the "witness" or sacrifice made by the "holy innocents" whose massacre King Herod ordered out of his anger and insecurity, in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus whom the Magi called "the newborn king of the Jews" (Mt 2:2).
The Part B premiums are set by MAGI "cliffs": Go over by $1, and you fall into a higher premium.
Her husband told police on March 3 that while Magi had posted the pictures online, she had not written the offensive statement.
On her personal website, Magi said she moved to Abu Dhabi in 2012, where she taught Emirati women graphic design.
We acknowledge this must have been a distressing time for Ms Magi and her family, and we welcome the fast processing of Ms Magi's case by authorities in the United Arab Emirates.
The MAGI calculation used by Medicare to determine whether income-based surcharges will apply includes a wide range of income.
Another important recent acquisition for the Magi Collection is an uncorrected galley proof of Elizabeth Nowell's Thomas Wolfe: A Biography (Doubleday, 1960).
Such conjunctions had significance to astrologers - trying to tell fortunes based - on planets' motions - so may have been seen as important to the Magi.
The Magi teach us "how not to fall into the snares of darkness and how to defend ourselves from the shadows which seek to envelop our life.