MAGIEMNC (Major NATO Command) Advisory Group on Interoperability and Electronics
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In addition to the high performance and reliability of the switches, Maricle noted the ease of installation, intuitive management interface, and the dependability of Extreme Networks as among the many reasons for the choice of equipment for MAGIE.
To participate in MAGIE, an ISP/ICT chooses a network connectivity co-location site to install their own router equipment at one of four Phonoscope Point of Presence (POP) sites in Houston:
As ISPs everywhere scramble to meet non-stop demand for greater user bandwidth, the opportunity to join a peering group like MAGIE proves more and more appealing every day," says MAGIE project manager ROBERT REDUS, who further explains end user benefits:
Here's what's happening now without the MAGIE peering group: let's say I need to send an e-mail message to my vendor in downtown Houston .
Kupido se verdediging van Van der Kemp voor Anna is ook magies gefundeer: "'Hy kan vlieg', se hy skielik seevierend" (88).
Die San is dus 'n verenigde groep met 'n kollektiewe geheue, wat aansluit by die agtste sekondere kenmerk van magies realistiese tekste.
Daar ontstaan verder twyfel by die leser oor die interpretasie van GrootKarel se transformasie as magies of realisties, veral aangesien die leser aanvanklik gelei word om te glo dat GrootKarel slegs hallusineer weens sy emosionele toestand (p.
Deur sy "liefieklip" wat in sy handpalm vasgegroei is, ontstaan twyfel by die leser oor die interpretasie daarvan as magies of realisties--dit is in werklikheid hoogs onwaarskynlik dat hy so lank die klip vasgehou het dat dit uiteindelik in sy handpalm kon vasgroei; tog word dit nie bevraagteken of as buitengewoon beskou nie.
The day after this interview, the Magies were to host an out-of-state guest, here to help kick off a new program to Arkansas called "Kids Voting.
Also, the Magies support their alma mater's journalism department at the University of Arkansas with scholarships and internships.
The Magies started their publishing company in 1955 when they moved to Cabot at the urging of friends and local businessmen who wanted a quality newspaper.