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MAGLEVMagnetic Levitation
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Maglev uses magnetic levitation to push a hi-tech floating train at upto 311mph.
While Mike Godfrey is correct in stating that the Shanghai Maglev line is only 30km long, the Chinese have not given up on the system and have recently approved plans for a 150km intercity extension.
UK Ultraspeed has negotiated the sole rights to promote maglevs in the UK from its German designers, engineering groups Siemens and ThyssenKrupp.
IPPR North says ministers must begin appraising the benefits of maglev between London and the North, which could have major potential business benefits by slashing journey times.
DISASTER: 23 people died in the Maglev train crash in Germany
I do very much agree with P Thompson's observations that the Maglev is fast, quiet and environmentally cleaner than other train types.
The source said there is no decision yet on the location of other maglev systems.
Old Dominion University (ODU) of Norfolk, Virginia and its maglev research team will work with MagneMotion.
The only one of the sites capable of incorporating a MagLev outside of the Leningrad Region is located in Texas.
JR Tokai plans to start service along a portion of the envisaged route in 2027, extending its maglev train services to Osaka in 2045.
Maglev supporters said the decision to axe the revolutionary technology in Birmingham was shortsighted as it could have been developed as a world-beating invention for super-fast intercity travel, as has been proved on the 19-mile line in China.
The two men are part of a Southern California delegation that checked out the maglev line in Shanghai.