MAGPMulti-Annual Guidance Programme (Europe)
MAGPMorgantown Area Grand Prix (Morgantown, WV)
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Annulment of Commission Decision 2003/245/EC of 4 April 2003 on the requests received by the Commission to increase MAGP IV objectives to take into account improvements in safety, navigation at sea, hygiene, product quality and working conditions for vessels of more than 12 m in length overall (notified under document number C(2003) 1113) (OJ 2003 L 90, p.
The Commission would like to tighten the rules of MAGP as to forbid public aid being used to build and modernise vessels.
The report states that "seven or eight countries" do not comply with the MAGP and asks "to what extent one can speak about a common fisheries policy if more than half of the Member States do not feel obliged to implement and fulfil such an important part of this policy.
After substantial opposition from some Member States there was no agreement on extending the MAGP under the Commission's conditions until the end of 2002.
The need for change was highlighted by the mid-term review of the fourth Multi-Annual Guidance Programme or MAGP IV (one of the instruments aiming to ensure the fishing industry is viable in the long term), which indicated that the Programme had only had a very marginal impact to-date on cutting excess capacity.
The European Commission proposed on 10 May to cut the European Union's fishing capacity to bring it more in line with the available fish stocks (see European Report No 2500), following a mid-term review of the fourth Multiannual Guidance Programme or MAGP (one of the instruments for strengthening the fishing industry) which indicated that the Programme had only had a very marginal impact to date on cutting excess capacity.
In its report, the Commission proposes amending MAGP IV, withdrawing the system of weighted reduction rates, achieving reductions solely through cuts in capacity on the part of all Member States and extending for one year until 31 December 2002 the duration of MAGP IV.
The Commission suggests modifying the way capacity reduction rates are calculated, abandoning the "weighted reduction rates" that the Council introduced to ease the impact of MAGP IV.