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MAGPIEMultipurpose Automated Genome Project Investigation Environment
MAGPIEMega Ampere Generator for Plasma Implosion Experiments (physics; Imperial College; UK)
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In their habits they well supply the place of our carrion-crows, magpies, and ravens; a tribe of birds widely distributed over the rest of the world, but entirely absent in South America.
Pickwick and Sam descended the rickety staircase in safety, and issued forth in quest of the Magpie and Stump.
When we add that the weather-beaten signboard bore the half-obliterated semblance of a magpie intently eyeing a crooked streak of brown paint, which the neighbours had been taught from infancy to consider as the 'stump,' we have said all that need be said of the exterior of the edifice.
The few neighbours of the Squire's own rank every now and then would shrug their shoulders as they drove or rode by a party of boys with Tom in the middle, carrying along bulrushes or whispering reeds, or great bundles of cowslip and meadow-sweet, or young starlings or magpies, or other spoil of wood, brook, or meadow; and Lawyer Red-tape might mutter to Squire Straight-back at the Board that no good would come of the young Browns, if they were let run wild with all the dirty village boys, whom the best farmers' sons even would not play with.
The abode of Mrs Betty Higden was not easy to find, lying in such complicated back settlements of muddy Brentford that they left their equipage at the sign of the Three Magpies, and went in search of it on foot.
Not least of all, Sloppy, who undertook to conduct the visitors back by the best way to the Three Magpies, and whom the hammer-headed young man much despised.
Marsden's Thieving Magpie morris dancers perform at Littleborough's Rushbearing Festival
PC Ormond from the Magpie Team said: "It's at the main police station in Little Park Street.
A successful test flight of the newly-certified MAGPIE, US registration N106MP, was completed in Boulder City on December 19, where Nevada Gov.
The Magpie saves its users money over time by reducing the amount of clothing they need to purchase.
We have done most of it and eaten in plenty of other fine places around the town but had never eaten at the very popular and much celebrated Magpie.
The cheeky magpie was taken in by the Quality of Life Animal Sanctuary in Holsworthy, Devon, when he was found abandoned as a chick two years ago.