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MAGPIEMultipurpose Automated Genome Project Investigation Environment
MAGPIEMega Ampere Generator for Plasma Implosion Experiments (physics; Imperial College; UK)
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The magpie fluttered down into the court, swearing, and the Madman danced out, howling, with his fingers in his mouth.
In the first place, he half-poisoned all his neighbours, and they in turn were always on the lookout to pounce upon any of his numerous live-stock, and drive him frantic by enticing his pet old magpie out of his window into a neighbouring study, and making the disreputable old bird drunk on toast soaked in beer and sugar.
The jackdaws were eating pie- crust, and the magpie was drinking gravy out of a patty-pan.
Pickwick and Sam descended the rickety staircase in safety, and issued forth in quest of the Magpie and Stump.
When we add that the weather-beaten signboard bore the half-obliterated semblance of a magpie intently eyeing a crooked streak of brown paint, which the neighbours had been taught from infancy to consider as the 'stump,' we have said all that need be said of the exterior of the edifice.
In their habits they well supply the place of our carrion-crows, magpies, and ravens; a tribe of birds widely distributed over the rest of the world, but entirely absent in South America.
On the land were large flights of magpies and American robins; whole fleets of ducks and geese navigated the river, or flew off in long streaming files at the approach of the canoes; while the frequent establishments of the painstaking and quiet-loving beaver showed that the solitude of these waters was rarely disturbed, even by the all-pervading savage.
When you can look round a roomful of people and think that each one is a mere child in intellect compared with yourself you feel no more shy of them than you would of a select company of magpies or orang-outangs.
Pie" in this case refers to magpies, the prey for the falcons.
The abode of Mrs Betty Higden was not easy to find, lying in such complicated back settlements of muddy Brentford that they left their equipage at the sign of the Three Magpies, and went in search of it on foot.
Not least of all, Sloppy, who undertook to conduct the visitors back by the best way to the Three Magpies, and whom the hammer-headed young man much despised.
NEWCASTLE United manager Rafa Benitez celebrated two years in charge of the Magpies on Sunday.