MAGTFMarine Air-Ground Task Force
MAGTFMulti Agency Gang Task Force
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Most importantly, tying DSOs to organic capabilities could limit the operational flexibility and overall responsiveness of the MAGTF in an unfolding campaign.
By 2020, the Marine Corps will have deployable, full-spectrum cyberspace operations capabilities integrated into the MAGTF, enabling it to fight a single-battle across all five domains of warfare using a combined-arms construct.
18) That is, even though the MAGTF contains highly capable ISR assets, if it has not yet begun ground operations, those assets will sit idle.
The MAGTF is the Marine Corps primary organizational construct for conducting military operations.
self-sustaining MAGTFs are the raison d'etre of the Marine Corps.
The amphibious ship supply department should be the first source of consumable item supply to an embarked MAGTF.
He reported to 2d Force Service Support Group in 2003 and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as Commanding General Special Purpose MAGTF.
While the MEU and UDP battalions will constitute an essential element of the Marine Corps overall BPC and SC portfolio, the SC MAGTF will be task-organized to provide a forward deployed presence for specific, discrete engagement opportunities.
The challenge lies in continuing to improve how we provide support to the MAGTF, combined with determining where we project to be operating in the future based on threat and on operating along the littorals.
However, this contributes to problems with joint integration, as Marine leadership is constantly at odds over the right mix of providing aircraft for a joint air campaign while maintaining the direct support capability of Marine aviation upon which the MAGTF was established.