MAGTFMarine Air-Ground Task Force
MAGTFMulti Agency Gang Task Force
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Defining programs was needed to coordinate the fielding of new capabilities and retiring legacy programs across the MAGTF and for determining the development and prioritization of capability sets.
We've also provided key engineering and technical support to the Marine Corps on the MAGTF C2 effort for the past three and a half years, and we look forward to helping the Corps craft a cohesive, integrated development strategy for its evolving command and control solutions.
The Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC) has developed a five-layer MAGTF C2 reference model to represent the necessary ".
The MAGTF Staff Training Program serves as a training tool to provide high level training to component, Joint and Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) commanders and their staffs.
MAGTF enabler-light is a communications system for battalion and company landing teams that is internally transportable on V-22 Ospreys or CH-53 King Stallion rotor-craft, and is intended to provide command and control to troops without sacrificing operational momentum in austere environments.
18) That is, even though the MAGTF contains highly capable ISR assets, if it has not yet begun ground operations, those assets will sit idle.
Underlying the distributed MAGTF organizational structure is the principle of "the fingers and the fist.
Our rotary-wing, tiltrotor, and fixed-wing assault support aircraft are deployed around the world today supporting MAGTF and joint force commanders.
Conventional and heavy land forces remain on hand, but they are husbanded as the strategic reserve to be used only if the SOF and MAGTF efforts fail.
MPM-NLWS will provide the MAGTF with an enhanced capability needed to conduct perimeter security, support urban patrols, control crowds, conduct convoy security, and defend entry control points and vehicle checkpoints.
The event followed MCWL's successful Enhanced MAGTF Operations (EMO) Limited Objective Experiment (LOE) 2.