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MAGUSMultilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms
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The pervasive image of Simon Magus as the originator of the sin of "Simony" in the Middle Ages is one that hardly lent itself to attack specifically Muhammad or Islam.
Noah Taylor stars in the title role of ``Simon Magus.
By employing Antenna Magus antenna synthesis software, users of Microwave Office and AXIEM software can integrate antennas with known characteristics within their designs and evaluate their performance," said Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing at AWR.
Enterprise customers interested in learning more about the CrownPeak WCM System and Magus ActiveStandards' additional features can contact CrownPeak at 800-887-1977 in the US; +44-203-384-6598 in Europe to request a demo or click here for additional contact details.
Emdigo is poised for a period of tremendous growth and activity in China, one of the most promising mobile content markets in the world," says Lu Yong, CEO of Magus Software.
This collaborative venture finally brings to India a brand which is viewed by the most discerning guests around the world as the ultimate blend of caring hospitality and luxurious surroundings," said Shiv Jatia, Owner, Magus Estates and Hotels Private.
As a BREW Global Publisher, Magus Soft is authorized by QUALCOMM to import, localize and distribute BREW-enabled applications to China Unicom.
As a platform for introducing the Magus brand, Mackay will release a beautifully designed game called the "Magus Deck" at the October 23rd launch party.
USA) (OTCBB: SUMU), a developer of applications and information processing tools that optimize the wireless multimedia experience, today announced it has reached an agreement with Magus Soft (Beijing) Co.
The client's brief was for a contemporary boutique hotel though firmly rooted in the essence of the local (indigenous) culture, according to Magus Designs, the interior designer of the hotel.
Conquest Vehicles Inc in a partnership with Indian-based leading automotive dealer Magus Cars Ltd launched the company's first unarmored SUV EVADE in India at a price of a[sup.