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MAHIMid America Heart Institute (Kansas City, MO)
MAHIMaryland Association of Home Inspectors (Glen Burnie, MD)
MAHIMetropolitan Association of Home Inspectors (New York)
MAHIMississippi Association of Home Inspectors
MAHIMazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
MAHIMcAllen Affordable Homes, Inc. (Texas)
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The Mahi Mi7 Multi-Service Core Aggregation System serves as an aggregation device for SONET rings transporting Ethernet over SONET and delivers differentiated mass-market data services over a carrier's embedded SONET infrastructure without the need for a separate expensive data overlay network.
Mahi Networks is leading the transition to an IP Services Network with multi-service metro transport and switching platforms that enhance the business models of service providers worldwide.
I've evaluated several very high profile positions with both emerging and established carrier equipment vendors, and have found a unique opportunity here at Mahi that will really make a difference in the next phase of telecom growth.
To support the increasing demand for IP and SAN services, Mahi Networks introduces its 10-port Multi-Service ADM Transponder with SFP client interfaces supporting any combination of GbE, Fiber Channel, ESCON, FICON, and digital video services.
Under the alliance, Mahi will become a strategic, global supplier of LastMile products to wireline carriers and enterprise customers.
Both companies' products, including the Mahi Networks Mi7(TM) and the ANDA Networks EtherTone(TM) platforms allow carriers to add Ethernet packet processing to traditional voice facilities without upgrading their entire networks.
Combined with the wide DCC interoperability MAHI already had, this enables them to support differentiated Ethernet services in multi-vendor SONET environments.
Leanest of the offerings are the Fresh Mahi Mahi Ensalada ($5.
Rubio's has a long-standing reputation for distinctive seafood offerings featuring lobster, shrimp and grilled mahi mahi -- all served in a relaxed, warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of Baja.
com) announced today that it has joined in a Strategic Performance Alliance with Mahi Networks, Inc.
Also at the 2005 National Show, Gaylord Hart, Mahi Networks MSO Business and Architecture Development Director, will present a technical paper on managing IP services bandwidth at the optical layer.